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The concept of eco-religion emerges on practicing of forbidden area that is exist in Batang Gadis forest in North Sumatra, forbidden fish in West Sumatra, forbidden coral reef in Celebes. The interpretation of Malay people which passed administrative territory of countries that culturally share and spread out in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippine. However, the capacity that attached to Malay people as Eco-people, where ecologically developed the strong connection among these community toward nature. Based on this assumption, the research will explore contribution of Eco-religious connectedness inMinangkabau community toward sustainability of natural resources management in West Sumatra, Indonesia.
Research holder:
Realino Nurza
Research Location:
West Sumatra
Length of research:
July-September 2009 Research 
Contribution of Eco-Islam connectedness  in Minangkabau community toward sustainability of biodiversity management in West Sumatra Indonesia
Type of Funding:
Individual reference
Asian Muslim Action Network International

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