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Have nice sleep Bapak President  

What was happen in last 10 months with Shi'ah community in Sampang, Madura bring Indonesia face on tolerance to worst level. Lack of control and monitoring from government has impact to refugee in various ways. Writer observe that local government that represent by leader of district, province and president itself are not care enough. Amazingly, Until today, Indonesian president were not saying any words or instruction to solve the destiny of Shia'h community who expelled from their origin. Some situation that writer observed, Indonesian president just received tolerance award when he argued with activist because of morality reason on lack of Indonesia president contribution to tolerance and cultural diversity. This award named word statement award were not more relevance with the current situation and his own dedication. Writer is wondering on how Indonesian leaders can be ignoring their eye from the crucial problem of violation to human right. And how Indonesian president can sleep with steady every night and happy with his family, children and grand children when his citizen who are waiting the life fate and future from his decision and authority. It is very sadness, and this fact and situation is opening eye of Indonesia society to discrimination and miss treatment toward misunderstanding on root of conflict problem that is causing continues oppression. The approach by Indonesian government to solve the Impact of conflict are not more relevant. because treatment toward the impact did not significantly effective without treat the root of the problem. Writer is also questioning, how effective the regulation number 7, 2012 on social conflict. Whether this regulation is function to resolve this problem or only function to increase political image of executive government. Writer is aware Indonesian bureaucracy today is very fat, that to decide or to get effective decision were not easy. But, Since today, Indonesia government has to speed their action and movement on create conflict resolution mechanism in society. It may not be effective anymore using the existing bureaucracy, it may establish flexible team and mobile can answer on Indonesian problem of conflict. During the same time, Indonesian government has also simultaneously think on how law enforcement become a priority of politic, bureaucracy or self awareness. Indonesian government can learn from Disaster Management strategy, beside Disaster risk reduction framework also may give significant input when DRR adapt and adopt to conflict resolution strategy. Than Our president can sleep well every night.(rn)  
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