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See you Dr. Asgar Ali Engineer  

In 2007, writer was lucky to see Dr. Asghar Ali Enginer. The sad news is he just past way yesterday (May 14, 2013). Dr. Asghar Ali Enginer who was inspired me through his knowledge and understanding on Islam. This article  is tell a story of my short memory with him. Writer was still remember on my question to him after his great lecture on "Islam is religion of Peace",  the question was how if the answer of our life problem are not available in Qur'an, what should we do. Dr. Asghar Ali Enginer said, ask your heart than you will know what should you do. For young people like me at that time, this answer was not expected, especially, I am in the middle of struggling for self Identity. But after many years, I know this kind of answer are very applicable to see where we are. And to know what is the truth. That is applicable for me to see what is happen in Indonesia today. As individual and society, we have been blinded by our ambition and arrogance to push other on our way of understanding and believe. The diversity should not make us fragmented or hate each other. But the diversity and difference shall make us in bless of coloring life and accept the greatest of Allah. The capacity to accept are not something come from out of our self but come from inside of us, because since we, as human able to recognized our living existence, we start to know our self, family, friends who has many differences from us. Than this differences shall be positive input of perspective to see the world and admit the power of God on creation. Than, I reflect to see my State and Nation, where I belongs, the fragmentation, denial, arrogance that is something contradicted with every religion believe in Indonesia are more exist than justice, accountability and transparency. I am aware, when we are leaving religion as basis of our norm and ethic. It may time to ask our heart, so we can judge appropriately to take our action and movement. In the level of option to apply violence as solution or reconciliation as process of complete self perfection to share our fortune with other. Some people who is majority are very difficult to share their land with people who believe on different thing who is minority until they have to be expelled away from their own land. Some of them who is majority are more able to do violence by destroying worship house of minority and lose their respect to law. Meanwhile, some of minority group were bombing and creating a chaos in public, just to show they are able to fight back. Writer think, this the time to apply our heart us judge whether, we are see the truth. Thank you Dr. Asghar Ali Enginer to be my mentor and to share your understanding on Islam as peace religion.    
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